Life is dynamic and non-linear. It never moves in one direction and is never the same. However, it is the conditioned and compulsive conscious mind that compels us to think that life is drab, life is filled with problems and life is a burden. So untrue !

Life never gave anyone a manual or handbook. So you are bound to be faced with challenges. Sometimes these challenges can be too much to deal with. Some challenges are simpler ones while some other may be more intense in nature.

When children misbehave, have problems at home, or when the teachers notice something unusual about their behavior, they are mostly sent to counselors. In primary schools, this is not that much of a deal and problems would just be the light ones.

During later years more help is needed on life issues. It can be about the adjustments one is dealing with in college, or with the grades which you want to improve, or some personal issues. There are a lot of issues that you may talk out with your friends/colleagues. There are no boundaries of telling so. If you are going through some personal problems and do not have someone to talk with, a professional always has his ears for you to listen.

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Many a times you do not know where the problem generates / originates from. Are you aware many  a times a challenge/problem is due to some programs of your own subconscious mind

(Subconscious mind has tremendous potent, and its power can be very advantageous. Subconscious mind cannot be accessed for ordinary introspection but can be interpreted and trained by special methods such as meditation, association etc.  If the power of the subconscious mind is harnessed, it would influence the real world outcomes like leading a happy relationship, achieving successes, curing the sickness and many more.)

Whenever you are being bothered by a problem, the first you would think of doing is to tell the people who are close to. It could be your parents, friends, or anyone. But there are some cases when there is no one you could talk with, knowing that they do not understand how you feel. That is the time when you must decide to start seeking professional support. Asmah Dsouza is a LifeCoach with complete hands on expertise of subconscious mind. She supports professionally & is someone that has the knowledge and education in helping people who are in need of advice.


Most of the people choose psychologist, therapist, or even church priests and volunteers or counselors. What makes Asmah Dsouza’s Coaching better than the rest is that she makes it her responsibility to dive in to the subconscious mind and reach to the origin of the problem within your subconscious mind. She customizes your remediation to the problem. That feeling of security and acceptance helps you get through with any problem without worrying if you will be accepted.

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