Becoming aware of what patterns or beliefs belongs to whimsical or incomplete individual within US. A new awareness of self transformation .

Session details : What is an Innerchild ? What is the ultimate goal of the Inner Child.The destructive behaviour . The constructive formula ! The key that can open new doorways . 

Level I – Inner child therapy

Self work and experiential workshop Format Creating an awareness of self healing & integrate distorted inner children. 

 Session details:

  • accessing repressed memories that could be holding you back.
  • Getting acquainted with your own emotions.
  • Gaining a sense of personal power.
  • Ability to better self care & Self Like.
  • Being able to enjoy Life and have fun.

Level II –Healing the Angry & the passive aggressive Inner child

Is my Anger my friend or Foe ?

Workshop focus : Anger is my defence mechanism or in my system : Where did it come from : Potent energy of anger.

This program helps us indentify and heal our own passive behaviour that may have lead to harm our self growth. Passive-aggressive behaviours mostly harm the self. Understanding the latent aggression from past unpleasant experiences .

Breakthrough : Stop living life like your own enemy & imagine living a life with an unconditional Ally

Level III – Healing the guilty Inner Child

Time is dedicated in letting go of all past emotions that we carry. Healing takes place from inside out. So that we create new way of being. These repressed emotions then lead to cycles of self-sabotage in adulthood. We either seek the parenting we missed out in other people and always feel disappointed, rejected, and let down when they can’t fulfil our demands, or we refuse to let anyone close to hurt us that much again

Detox from the most unnecessary emotion. Release the need to be nice to.

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