A coaching program is a one on one session while the workshop is a generalized session with a group of people. In coaching one deal with personal issues, something they want to achieve in life or change in their life. In a workshop everything that is taught is on a general level, something that can help the entire group while in coaching specific methods are used for better results.

In a workshop you realize what areas of your life affects your current situation, by learning the basic and incorporating in your daily life you start identifying what was missing in your life. You will find motivation from the facilitator. And awareness from other participants that you are not alone in your journey. Everyone has some stuff they are dealing with.  

The fact that you are looking for solutions to improve your current situations after having tried various methods is the biggest sign that you need a life coach

A life coach will not tell you what you need to do. The job of your life coach is to help you make better and positive decisions which will help you lead a happy and successful life. Life Coach is a catalyst who expedites YOUR TRANSFPRMATION.

A life coach is not a magician who wills swirl the wand and everything will become perfect instantly. Coaching is a journey which depends on each individual. On how one responds after each sessions. For some the break thru will come in first session while for some it may take several sessions. It all depends on how willing you are to let go of things which don’t benefit you any longer. 

As a life coach I facilitate a lot of workshops, but unlike most of my contemporaries, I DO NOT spell out all that it is going to do for you.

I DO NOT do that, because I DO NOT KNOW YOU, Your current state of consciousness. Your intrinsic motivational levels,  your capacity/openness to receive new information.

All I know is that whatever I may say to sell my product won’t mean anything UNTIL you have TASTED the product.
If it is to your taste and if you benefit from it, you will come again. If not, you won’t.
The Proof of the Pudding lays in its eating – and not all puddings suit everyone’s taste.

If you know what you are looking for, you will find it – with me in my workshops – or somewhere else. Life always gives us what we are looking for. All you need is TRUST, Not only in your life coach but also within YOU.

Once YOU have learnt to trust in your life coach and in yourself sky is the limit. You will get peace within, you will learn to cope with your everyday situations and always feel like a WINNER…

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