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This is for Asmah Dsouza – The perfect life coach…..from Aman P Anand

I am extremely thrilled the way Asmah Dsouza has transformed my life within 5-6 months. Every single technique of your coaching has worked perfectly for me to move from one level of consciousness to another and today I feel joyous to have the same amount of confidence and joy that used to carry as a child; which is not attached to anything or anyone but just reflects as a part of my being. I have loved every single minute of my coaching session with you and feel grateful for the amount of unconditional love and acceptance that I received from you at all times. 

Not only that u were the first person who believed in my dream which I had as a child and gave me the courage to take action towards it.Thank u being there always and I truly believe that your unconditionally being there for someone can change many lives.I have learnt a lot from your presence in my life and i am so grateful of u having entered my life at a time when i needed someone the most…

2 most important things that I seen u practising and living have become the basis of my life ,,”it’s never about the other person. It’s always about the self…..””” and all answers are really within us…

After I did the last workshop with u was a little irritated because ur actions and reactions pushed the buttons in me to an extreme…. which proved to be really excellent for me…. got a chance to face my fears completely…..and face my true feelings for everything that was happening in my life…..

I truly feel that u can inspire millions around…… and i still love the nourishing energy that i received from u which made me feel emotionally safe for the first time in my life at that time……think about u so many times for the beautiful woman that u are…..

Have taken a divorce and happy that we both mutually agreed to part and it all went very cordial and joyfully.

And now my journey has become extremely beautiful, effortless,, never dreamt that life can be so beautiful and give me so much more than i can expect…….


This is for Asmah Dsouza – from Dr. Sharmila Rao

When life becomes a big gaping hole it’s time to heal it.

During this phase, my friend sent me a book You Can Heal Your Life by Louise.L.Hay, the book was dealing with wounds, books and blocks, to heal our lives. It was very interactive and helpful but still some guidance was required.

I followed the instructions in the book and sent the universe a call for help and the universe sent Asmah D’souza. Dec.10th 2011 we had the first workshop. It was in February she took the major four days workshop with heal your life and inner child healing.

I think this has been one of the best investments that I made in life. Some resentments that were deep within just popped up, strangely I didn’t even know that they existed.

The entire workshop was based on the original exercise created by Louise Hay, as Asmah Dsouza trained with her.  

For a person who does not look into the mirror even to do her hair, Asmah Dsouza taught me how to look into the mirror and converse with myself. She held my hand through the initial reluctance. This really helped to release a lot of old emotions.

We created our own affirmations as Asmah Dsouza had shared the philosophy and the steps in creating those affirmations.

Despite of learning physiology and anatomy I was listening to my body in an entire new way!

Asmah Dsouza a clinical hypnotherapist, Tarot card reader, Theta Healing professional being a medical profession, I am trained to be skeptic about all these, but since Asma had travelled this path, and she knew the signpost she really walked us down the path.

Through the workshop she shared her belief” it’s safe to look within” and “all answers are within us.”

There were so many breakthroughs, and emotional releases, the “Aha moments” the meditations and what was most interesting is that we felt blanketed in a cloak of protective and empowering energy after the workshop particularly after the affirmation bath.

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Asmah Dsouza is a wonderful presenter and workshop leader.
Her direct and gentle way of speaking that allow for
a safe space to really get to work on the self. She
also has a great sense of humor that puts you at
ease immediately.

Jamie Clark-McFarland
South Dakota

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