About Me

I would like you to know me before you sign up for a program.

At present I am a spiritual being in a physical body using my most powerful tool ‘awareness of human emotions’ to support and empower You’

My story is long and full of challenges. I would love to share more if you feel inspired.

My humble background:

I had a basic exposure to psychology during my graduation days, my interest in human behavior never ended. In my endeavor to make a difference in another individual’s life I soon realized that the mind has immense power to alter anything big or small. It is the mind that makes the body healthy. I soon realized though I completed my PG with sociology, human engineering always intrigued me more.


My world was ever so ready to crumble, be it relationships or health. Everything was an area of concern with periodic intervals.  My journey started with introspection of self and the surrounding. Many a times I thought what has an impact on us? It’s either our actions or the behavior of another individual towards us. Our demeanor is a byproduct of others actions towards us. And every action is the result of an intention spoken or not. In the realm of this reality how many times do we have the strength to look within? My expedition / quest became insatiable.

The workshops I conduct are the easiest way of getting your job done. I say this as I have experienced it all; each and every breakdown I have experienced in my life is a result of a simple exercise from the workshop.

I had just completed my teachers training in US and I become conscious back home my world had collapsed. I had come back from US to find that I was in isolation. This was the most painful bent. It lasted till I realized that the intentions I gave during the workshop was that I release the need to be in all controlling relationships. A simple guided imagery exercise made me give up my pattern of being in controlling relationships.

It was working but it was painful. Any change is painful till you stop resisting it. My world is not the same anymore I have had the most amazing breakthroughs by practicing the simplest techniques, like mirror work and affirmations. Now all I needed to do was spread the word.

I learnt many techniques that helped me and people around me. 

I am a licensed Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and Life Coach (USA). Public speaking, writing and facilitating people’s transformation is a passion. My area of expertise includes Energy Reading, Thought Field Enhancement, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Distance healing modalities, Tarot card reading and Colour therapy. I am associated with Hay House (USA) and have been skilled personally by likes of Louise L Hay and Cheryl Richardson. I have taken the work of Louise L Hay all over India and intend to spread it to all over the world. I am the only trainer from India to have received a ‘Par Excellence Trainer’ in Louise L Hay philosophy by the International Spiritual and Hindu Mythology Awards in 2013 May. I have facilitated more than 600 programs conducted for people’s development and behavioral transformations based on Hay House philosophies. As a certified Life Coach I am proficient and proactive to support individuals to enable achieve the change and accomplish personal goals. Have also contributed articles to Goa times: ‘Evescape’ (Magazine in Goa) & Life Positive.

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